Wire Splitting Pliers
Wire Splitting Pliers

Wire Splitting Pliers

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✔ Wire splitting pliers for inside the electrician, motor repair, instrumentation electrician one of the common tools.
✔ Specifically for electricians to strip the surface insulation layer of the head of the wire. One cut for multiple uses, breaking the tradition.

✔ One Cut For Multiple Uses: It can not only split the wire but also cut the wire, break the steel wire, cut the wire, clamp, strip, and wind. Powerful and complete functions, one in hand, save the operation of frequent tool changes, easy to speed up the work efficiency.

✔ High Quality: Fine workmanship, pliers and shears made of high-quality alloy steel, high degree of wear resistance, long service life, the handle is made of TPR material, non-slip wear-resistant.

✔ Powerful Practicality: One cut in hand, easy to handle. Sharp edge, can quickly shear, the central shear edge in strict accordance with the size of the copper and aluminum core production, shear at the same time will not hurt the wire core. Strong and durable.

-Material: Alloy steel + TPR
-Weight: 149g
Package contents:
1 * Multi-functional wire splitting pliers
Functions: Stripping, cutting, lock, winding, a split line, line pressing

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