Washable Baby Diaper

Washable Baby Diaper

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ūüėć Saves money:¬†Take away the need to keep buying uncomfortable disposable diapers!‚ú®
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Our modern cloth nappies (MCN) are chemical free.

- The outside shell of the nappy is made from a smooth waterproof Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) material. Inside of the nappy contains a soft suede fabric which is designed like a pocket where our inserts are placed.


- Easy to use : build the level of absorbency your baby requires in seconds. Easily snap in and out inserts. No fiddly, time-consuming, internal pockets to navigate.
- Practical : materials carefully selected to provide the perfect balance between absorbency, softness and drying time.
- Leak Prevention: double leg elastics combined with an extra elasticated back panel reduce the chance of leaks without compromising on comfort.


- One Size Fits Most : easily adjusted for all shapes and sizes from newborns to active toddlers (approximately 3.5kg to 18kg). The nappy grows with your baby until potty trained. No need to buy different sized nappies.
- For both day and night : carefully designed to accommodate extra cloth nappy inserts for night time absorbency if needed.
- Eco-friendly : reduce your environmental impact even further with the option to reuse the wipeable NappyLuxe covers by simply changing out wet inserts.

Reusable Baby Diaper (Pack of 1) | Pee Safe- Cover  made from a double layer of high quality PUL water resistant material. It’s breathable but keeps your baby and baby’s clothes dry.
- Inserts :made from 5 layers of highly absorbent bamboo terry, topped with 1 additional layer of microfleece to sit against your baby’s skin, keeping them dry and comfortable.
- Safety : Our nappies have been tested for harmful chemicals and meet Australian standards.

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