Super Cleaning Spray
Super Cleaning Spray

Super Cleaning Spray

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🤩 Helps you keep your home & car clean 🤩
Pembersih karat X2000 serbaguna, Cleaning spray X2000, Menghilangkan karat,  minyak kotor, lumpur, noda jamur di jok kulit | Lazada Indonesia
- 500ml Cleaning spray foam X2000 removes oil, dirt, mold stains, car wax, kitchen cleaning, clean like new
- X2000 rust cleaner with 3 no: colorless, odorless, does not contain chemicals. Therefore, it is very safe for users and the environment and still meets the need to clean instant stains and stubborn stains due to long-term accumulation
- Produce special hygiene products that are comfortable, safe and friendly to humans and nature.
- Cleaning spray X2000: with the inherent alkaline ion properties of the product, will help protect and prevent the impact of the environment, the oxidation process on your equipment.
  Convenient handheld spray bottle design
- Spray cleaning for stubborn stains, calcium deposits on bathroom faucets, kitchens, toilets, pots and pans, gas stoves, engines, cars, glass doors, ...
- Removes stubborn kitchen oil stains for a long time
- Cleans stubborn stains for a long time: Car compartment, leather beret seats, taplo steering wheel, car glass..
- Protect interior surfaces for cars such as: Taplo, doorknobs, flannel ceilings or doorknobs, etc.
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- Paint does not fade, maintains paint durability, Avoids color degradation
- Eliminates bad odors in cars, overcomes motion sickness due to unpleasant odors. - Protect car interior, especially high end electronics
Easy to use: Just a little water and a little solution to start the birthing work
- Non-corrosive : Do not damage rubber and plastic pipes. do not corrode rust spare parts after use.
- Save time : Labor a person can clean industrial machinery, scrub the saucepan pot in just a few minutes

500 ML
Package includes: 
1pc x (500ml) Cleaning spray foam X2000

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