Solar Power Bank
Solar Power Bank
Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank

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This product could be a literal life saver.

 - Fast recharging solar panel, The SunSaver Classic is your life-proof phone charger that will keep you connected no matter your situation. Its massive battery capacity can charge your phone from flat to full over 5.5 times and can even charge 2 devices at once.

⭐It includes an LED Floodlight so you can find your way in the dark.
⭐It can also flash an Emergency Signal on a second press.
⭐It has Power Level Indicator lights so you know how much charge is left.


Light and durable so you can always have it with you as a backup portable power source for recharging 2 devices at once.

  • Advanced Wireless Portable Charger: Cable-free solar power bank with wireless output supports wireless enabled Smartphones 
  • 16,000mAh High Capacity Powerbank: Portable charger delivers up to 6 full charges to your Smartphone on one single charge. Charger takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge via USB connection. 
  • Fast Charging: 
  • The ROC16 works in an outdoor setting via solar or indoor via the wireless capability.

Weight: 1.10lbs
Dimensions: 7.75" x 5.5" x 2.6"
Compatibility: all usb connected device
Output: dual 2.4a usb output
Solar panel: 280ma high efficiency
Power: 16000mah/59.2wh capacity
Charge: solar only charging time 3.57 hours per 1000ma (57.14 hours total)

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