Car Battery Charger
Car Battery Charger
Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Charger

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😍 Smart Battery Charger 💥

So small and yet so useful.The SON-1206D keeps your car/motorcycle battery in tip top shape

If you are having trouble starting your car or motorcycle, it might be the battery that causes the problem.
Maybe it's time for you to recharge the battery.

- It's important to have this kind of portable battery charger when the time needed.
- It is one of the best battery chargers available right now and suitable for motorcycle or car battery. 220V (12V-10A)
- This battery charger uses a micro MCU controller to manage the process of battery charging. The charger will automatically stop charging when it is getting fully charged.

- This battery charger uses a three-phase charging mode(PWM charging mode), which includes a constant current charging phase, constant voltage charging phase, floating charging phase.
- With online battery detection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, Anti-reverse connecting protection, etc.
- The smart charging indicator shows the charging process directly, which facilitates users to manage the current of the battery.

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- Features:
- Multiple functions: alternator state check, battery state check, check before the charge, and overload display.
- 6-LED display clearly presents the alternator and battery state.
- Two testing clips for safe and easy operation.
- Small size and lightweight, convenient to carry.
- Fit car, motorcycle, etc., with 12V battery.

-Material: ABS + PC
-Color: Black,Red,Yellow
-Size: 156.3mm x 26.2mm/6.15in x 1.03in
-Weight: 33g
-Power by: 2*AAA battery(not include)
Package Included:
- 1 x Battery Charger

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