Panoramic Rearviewer

Panoramic Rearviewer

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✅ The specially designed mirror covers a larger rear-view area and extends the viewing angle to eliminate blind spots. See the whole backseat and outside of the car, great for monitoring car seats and pets.

✅ Not only does this rear view mirror replacement make blind spots more visible, but it also makes lane changes and turns easy. Its wide angle also makes it so you don't have to constantly turn your head to check for pedestrians or incoming traffic.
✅ Equipped with a panoramic view, this car rear view mirror effortlessly helps you navigate the road and backup like a pro. This rear mirror is fitted with an anti-glare blue mirror glass that gives you a clear view of the road both during the day and night.

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✅ Increases view: due to its panoramic design, this rear view mirror replacement helps reduce the amount of guesswork that goes into driving a car. have a clear sense of what's happening around you can help keep yourself and your family safe at all times.
Easy to install : directly clip the rear mirror onto your current mirror and adjust it to your preferred angle. no special glue or screws are required to secure the panoramic rear view mirror to your car.
Easy fit:  this versatile rear view mirror was designed to fit 99% of car models that are out in the market. our rear view mirror replacement measures 11 inches wide, helping cover the original mirror that comes with your car.

✅Perfect fit

- Material: ABS Plastic + Glass
- Size: 300mm
- Style: Convex Curve
- Color: White
- 1 x Panoramic RearViewer

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