Multifunction Glass & Tile Cutter

Multifunction Glass & Tile Cutter

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šŸ¤© No more need to buy expensive and expensive glass cutters. Arm yourself with our multi-functional Glass and Tile Cutter šŸ’„

Cutting tiles and glasses need not be done with a large scale and expensive cutter.Ā All you need is our 10-IN-1-Multifunctional Glass & Tile Cutter!

- This 10-IN-1-Multifunctional Glass & Tile CutterĀ lessens the effort you exert when cutting glasses, tiles, or any material.Ā Work on your projectsĀ faster and more accurately.Ā 
- It is an innovative glass cutter thatĀ comes as a folding pocket utility knife with a multiple-cut function.Ā This toolĀ improvesĀ your work efficiency greatly.Ā ItĀ works even on a large sheet of glassĀ with no hassle.

āœ…Ā Easily cuts a straight line or curve line on glass materialsĀ 
āœ… Works on single and double strength glass
āœ… Solid and durable material that is guaranteed to last for years
With a comfortable grip handle
āœ… Portable and compact
āœ… An ideal tool for household and cutting work

Material:Ā ABS + Metal
Color:Ā Blue
Size:Ā 6x1.6 inch
Package Includes:
1 x 10-IN-1-Multifunctional Glass & Tile Cutter

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