Metal Studs Crimper

Metal Studs Crimper

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✨ Using driller, screws or nails are too slow & costly✨
✨ Assemble metal frames and fasten metal studs without the need for screws or rivets using Metal Studs Nailless Crimper. Build strong metal frames with strong crimp connection. A great alternative to drills and screws especially in tight places.
- Fast and effective metal framing. Install metal studs fast using less effort. Easy to squeeze handles that punch rectangular crimp connections and create strongly bonded studs and runners without fasteners.
- Single hand operation. Anti-slip and soft to touch forcep handles and spring loaded mechanism makes it easier to maneuver on one hand without wearing you down during long use.
- Great for tight spaces. It’s a great alternative to install metal studs in tight spots that are impossible for drills and screws to reach. It’s a lot faster and bonds studs and runners securely.
- Cost- effective metal framing. Screws and drills can be very costly and consumes a lot of time. Metal Studs Nailless Crimper assembles metal frames faster without using screws and rivets but giving results that are just as strong and stable.
- Specification:
- Material: Aluminum alloy
- Total length: 25cm(9.84in)
- Throat depth: 1-1/2” deep
- Jaw opening: 1/4”
- Max capacity: 22ga. metal
-Package includes:
-1 x Metal Studs Nailless Fastening Crimper

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