Mattress Car Bed

Mattress Car Bed

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You will be able to rest well laying down on this inflatable mattress.
Inflatable Car Mattress For Traveling & Camping – The Indie Kart

 ⭐ It has a stable base which is very well balanced and will not easily slide. Made from top quality PVC material, which will stay durable for a long period of time. Its surface has a velvet feel which keeps you comfortable and warm during the night. It can withstand heavy weight and will not break or tear. This provides you with a comfortable place to rest and sleep in your car or even anywhere you are with its easy-and-fast-to-inflate feature.
⭐ Convenience and savings: Instead of splurging on a hotel room on your road trip, pull over and sleep at a rest stop. You can save money and get sufficient rest before getting  back on the road. An air bed is also great for lunch break naps. 
⭐ Go camping: If you enjoy watching the sunset or just want to spend some romantic time with a significant other, you can spend time outdoors in comfort. 
⭐ Entertain the kids: Instead of getting cranky from the endless driving, your kids can fall sound asleep in the back seat. While at a rest stop, a minivan air mattress will allow them to stretch their arms and legs out.
Car Bed Inflatable Mattress With Two Air Pillows at Rs 950 | Air Mattresses  | ID: 20834174848 ⭐ Move fragile furniture: The best car bed is multi-functional because you can sleep on it or lay it down in a pickup truck or SUV. This way, it becomes a cushion for fragile furniture or objects that you’d like to transport safely.
⭐ Material: High-quality PVC with a flocked, ultra-soft top
⭐ Mattress size (inflated): 135 x 80 x 50 cm
⭐ Folded size: 30 x 30 x 12.5 cm

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