Magnetic Tool Pad

Magnetic Tool Pad

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✔ Holds Your Tools While Working 💥
Magnetic toolpad
The Magnetic Tool Pad is a magnetic pad that you can attach to anything metallic and it'll hold and cling onto your tools while you work in the garage, under a car hood, and more.
✔ Convenient Huge time/energy saver : Makes it super simple to organize and gives you easy access to any tool without constantly searching through your bag.
✔ Magnetic: Making it super easy to keep your tools in place without having to dig through your toolbox. Super stronghold and never loses its strength over time.
✔ Reliable: Holds up all of your tools from wrenches to sockets and even nuts/bolts without anything falling off. Making it super reliable and can last a lifetime.
✔  Easy to set-up in just seconds anywhere you are. Clings onto any surface whether that's your car, the wall, or even under the car hood. We've got you covered.
✔ Super strong magnetic padding that can hold up any tool. Pliers, wrenches, wire strippers or even nuts/bolts. Keeping you well organized and any tool within arms reach.
✔ Material: rubber sponge+magnet
✔ Size: 29.5x20x0.5cm (11 inches long x 8 inches wide)

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