Cutter Food Processor

Cutter Food Processor

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 ✔ Make Everything Easy and Simple😎

Smart and Fast Mixer, Blender and Cutter (Capsule Shape) – Blue Monto

All in 1 capsule cutter, food processor, crusher and blender
- With four powerful blades, take any ingredient, whether vegetable, meat, or fruit, and chop, mince, or turn it into a paste, however you like.
Product Details 
✅ Convenient and fast : Press at a time simple operation,just press the top button for seconds to finish the work
 More fun to enjoy:  Perfect for chopping vegetables, mincing meat ,processing fruit and mixing a variety of food
✅ Easy to operate : Design is easy to operate for chopping and mincing what you like.

✅ Baby Food: Blend together easy-to-eat nutrition for little mouths with POSAME SR-001BLB high speed pulse function;
✅ Easy to clean : Press the head to start-up working to quick finish any chopping task.

 More safe: With protective cover to make it sealed and more safety to make your favorite food
✅ Perfect design : Ergonomic design brings you more comfortable feeling
- Highlights:
- Multi-functional Food Processor
Can Easily Grind Meat
Dice and Chop Vegetables Easily
Instantly Make Fruit Shakes and Smoothies
Easy to Clean
Heavy duty plastic housing
Ultra-compact base with a powerful high capacity motor 
- Specifications:
- Size:11.6cm x 11.6cm x 23.3cm 
- Cup Capacity:600ml(2.5cup)
- Voltage:110V to 220V

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