Carpentry Fixing Clip ( 2 pcs)
Carpentry Fixing Clip ( 2 pcs)

Carpentry Fixing Clip ( 2 pcs)

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Do you need time-saving fixings when you get frustrated with the parts that are coming apart? Carpentry Fixing Clip is a good choice to solve this problem, and suitable for all sizes of the workpiece!

Aluminum Alloy with steel screw. Maximum clamping range: 7cm/ 2.75 inches
- For crafts and projects, engineering, drilling, framing and picture frame creation, arts, cabinet and cupboard fabrication and even metal framing and welding.
- 90 degree angle for precise secure and quickly assemble fish tank, picture frame.
Aluminum alloy construction with steel screws. High hardness, will not rust.
- Can also be used for 45 degree sawing, independently adjustable jaws 

- Hold joint at 90 degree, this metal frame reinforce clamp can quickly assemble your picture frame, fish tank.
- Aluminum alloy body and steel threaded vise screws, this right angle clamp can hold your wooden frame right in place.
- The surface of this right angle clamp is covered red paint to keep them rusty free and makes it durable.
- If you like doing wooden product DIY, then this right angle clamp will be a great helper, or give this to your friends, family who like to do woodworking.

-- High quality material
-- Anti-slip design
-- Fixed with rivet
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Red
Package includes:
2 * Right Angle Clip

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