Car Scratch Repair
Car Scratch Repair

Car Scratch Repair

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Make your ride as good as new with the Car Scratch Repair Nano Spray! Car
detailing in just one bottle!

- The Car Scratch Nano Repair Spray is made from highly-advanced 9H ceramic coating. 9H Coating is made from Silicone Dioxide which uses nanotechnology to fill cracks invisible to the naked eye. Once hardened, it forms a  flat shield of protection. 
- Eliminates Scratches and Impurities: Eliminate scratches, hard water stains, chipping paint, and minor bumps with the Car Scratch Nano Repair Spray.
- Car Armor: Problem areas are filled up with nano-repair technology and once hardened, the spray creates an armor that protects the problem area from future damagee.
- Improves Car Gloss: Make your car look good as new with the Car Scratch Repair Spray.

- Wide Usage: The Car Scratch Nano Repair Spray is applicable to any car paintcolor and works on various spaces such as engines, rubber, plastic, leather, and upholstery.
- Long Lasting: The Car Scratch Nano Repair Spray lasts for at least three months!
- Resistant: Once dried, the 9H Ceramic Coating is resistant to UV light, rain and hard water stains, oxidation and debris buildup.

Car Scratch Repair Nano Spray
How to use
-Wipe and clean off the surface dirt of your car.
-Spray directly on and around the problem areas.
-Spread the spray with a sponge or towel.
-Wait for the spray to dry and settle.
-For external use.
-Not for human ingestion or injection.
-Store in a cool and dry place away from high temperature and open flames.
Material: 9H Ceramic
Net Content: 120ml
- 1 Pcs x Car Scratch Nano Repair Spray

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